Thee Ones come from the five valley delta of Stroud. A leafy, free spirited town full of artists and musicians. Raised on a diet of Dr John, The Meters and Captain Beefheart they’re all about the groove. With clever story telling lyrics their sound is infectious and will move your mind and body in equal measures. They can be dangerously wild live, whipping a crowd into a frothing frenzy, then soothe them with a delicate Latin tinged vibe.


If you catch them out-and-about we highly recommend you take your dancing shoes and a voodoo charm.


Their latest album 'Backyard Boogaloo' is now avaliable -


‘I hear blues, I hear rockabilly, I hear

New Orleans and Texas, I hear jazz and funk but most of all I hear Thee Ones.’


Paolo Hewitt


See 'Barkyard Boogaloo' Review and interview with Thee Ones in Eyeplug Magazine-





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